LED Solutions

FRTek has a LED lighting business under our brand of Lucius

FRTek's Lucius LED product line boasts top industry performance with the highest attention to quality with near a 0% defect rate. Additionally, the Lucius solution is focused on eco-friendly design to minimize energy costs and support conservation of our world's energy resources.

FRTek's LED Business is integrated to provide one stop service from development, manufacture, construction, and maintenance to make it a simple buying experience.


    LED system lightingis a combination of IT technology and LED lighting. This is what we do, we provide energy-saving, eco-friendly and multi-functional solution with content to meet user request. It is a new concept lighting solution that is provided in real time.
    Existing light has a simple function whereas the LED system light can detect motion and environment through the sensor. It maximizes the energy saving effect and emotional control.

    FRTek has been conducting the government LED system lighting 2.0 as a national project from July 2015 and we provided lighting control systems including headquarters of FRTek and the Daegu
    Bank. In addition, we are in the process of building a system lighting control system in a large complex building.
    FRTek is planning to prepare an emotional lighting system by applying scenarios according to unit space.

  • Central Control System
Main Technology

Heat Radiation technology

We have special heat dissipation design technology to minimize heating of LED, reduce weight up to 50%, and maximize product
performance and life.

lllumination simulation

FRTek provides illumination simulation functions through
design to know which lighting would be most suitable to specific spaces.
This allows the user to build an optimal lighting environment.

Integrated wireless sensor dimmer

FRTek has developed various sensor technologies to provide lighting
control using wireless communication. In an increasingly connected
world, wireless connectivity and control offers a large competitive
advantage enabling ease of use and accessibility for our customers.

Users can control settings for both individual lights and groups of lights
through a smartphone application using a wireless connection. FRTek will
continue to launch sensor-embedded products ahead of market trends.

System lighting application technology

FRTek LED lighting can be automatically controlled to adjust luminance and time duration by using intelligent sensors (external illumination,
motion detection, and wireless communications). By only using the brightness and duration needed, substantial energy can be saved.