Mission Statement
  1. FRTek is committed to providing total customer satisfaction by consistently providing innovative, reliable products and focusing on continuous improvement of
    products, services, and processes in all aspects of our business.
Management Policy
  1. 01.We will consider our customer needs at our customer side
  2. 02.We will recognize that inconvenience of customer is also
    same as our inconvenience.
  3. 03.We will consider that customer is our partner to prosper and
    grow up together.
  1. 01.We respect each employee and consider their talent is our most
    valuable property.
  2. 02.We will construct our each organization based on autonomy
    and creativity.
  3. 03.We will have a same mind, goal and be one family.
  1. 01.We will do our best for our corporate value of the shareholders
  2. 02.We will respect shareholders’ request and right.
  3. 03.We will maximize the return on investment through reasonable
    investment and more profits.
Ethical Management

Ethics Charter

We share our corporate philosophy established by our executives and respect fair competition principles of the free market. In addition, we pursue the
highest levels of ethics and business to increase corporate value and realize mutual prosperity with related people.

Ethical Standard

We always focused on customer’s
satisfaction and trust as a top priority.
Increasing our company value
We will do our best to increase our company
value for our stockholder and investor.
Improving quality of life
We will do our best to respect the dignity of
human and improve quality of life of each employee.
Communal development
We pursue communal development
with our supplier based on mutual trust.
Free competition
We respect the principles of free competition
and lead our industry development.
Environmental preservation
We are contributed to development of our country
and society and preserve our environment.
Company Philosophy
We always keep in mind that we have a role and
responsibility in accordance with our company philosophy.

Giving information about unethical behavior of our employee

We receive information about unfair demand and corruption of our employee by using their position and power and will be treated as a closed way.
Your precious comments would be very helpful to our management.
(Contact E-mail : insa@frtek.co.kr)

FRTek’s guide line for consistent growth with our supplier
Contract regulations
It aims to decide on purchasing, construction, service, sales and
lease contract from FRTek in more details
Selection of our suppliers, management regulations
It aims to establish correct evaluation criteria for new material,
subcontract selection and assessment criteria.
Issuing official document and preservation regulations
We have a guide line of official document in writing and preservation
regulation in order to settle the subcontract transaction.