Title [News Article] Integration with system LED and telecommunication technology FRTEK    2017-03-23
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Integration with system LED and telecommunication technology

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-Etnews : Feb 27, 2017
-Reporter : JongHee Choi (choijh@etnews.com) 
-Site Link : http://www.etnews.com/20170227000248

  FRTek will participate in a lighting exhibition next month in Japan. We are planning to show various lighting products that can be controlled by Android application (example:high bay above


  FRTek will introduce home lightings which can be adjustable from 2,800K to 10,000K and  change RGB color up to 256. In addition, multi sensor will be launched in the show. It has 4 type of sensor such as illumination, temperature, human body detection, and camera sensor.

  Currently, FRTekprovided lighting products to bank in Daegu and hotel in Jejuisland.  Mr.Nahm(CEO) mentioned system lighting needs a telecommunication technology. So, we are going to

expand our lighting business for global market with integration with lighting and telecommunication technology.

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