Title [News Article] Co-developed 5G DAS with KT FRTEK    2017-07-18
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                                                                                                   Co-developed 5G DAS With KT

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-Posting date : June 21, 2017
-Reporter : Hocheon An ( 

  KT will demonstrate a world’s first 5G trial service at PyeongchangWinter Olympic in 2018. FRTek co-developed 5G DAS with KT and interworking test was done with BTS successfully.

  According to KT, when a digital optic repeater of 4G is applies to 5G network, the connection of base station and mobile is difficult due to latency time from analog signal to digital signal.

Optical cable transmission capacity cannot cover several hundred MHz and entire 5G data in 5G.

   To transmit the 5G signal without exception, RoF(Radio over Fiber) technology was applied to the repeater. This technology is to transmit the signal from analog to digital  without


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